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Our Solution

The currently available solid modeling softwares allow the designer to create a model using the software built-in commands. The use of these softwares requires many actions in order to create a single feature, thus, the process is considered monotonous and tedious, requiring extensive learning.

As opposed to these softwares, our solution is a virtual machine producing an environment and data in which a different modeling software can automatically activate the solid modeler while simultaneously and seamlessl reading each line within the formed data file, decoding it, activating a relevant command in the modeling software creating a solid model without any human intervention. The same data file can be implemented  on a different modeling software.  This process has significant advantages over the existing method. 

A text file is converted in a single click to a full valid solid model!!

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How We Stand Out

Customization: Applicable drivers for all seven major solid modeling software

Increased Flexibility: More seamless transfer with smaller script files

Ease of Use: Easy accessibility to designers with scientific programming background

Increased Efficiency by streamlining the definition, creation, editing, and sharing of solid models

Demo video

This is a video describing Solidaire at work.

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The process‏

Level 1
In the beginning there was a drawing
Level 1
Level 2
The Creator wants to convert it to a physical entity. Using Solidaire, he generates the commands that result in a script file
Level 2
Level 3
Here are the same commands with comments describing each command
Level 3
Level 4
The Creator wants to have a Solid Edge model. He simply clicks the VSM_se icon, enters the name of the script and behold! A Solid Edge model appears...
Level 4
Level 5
Now the Creator wants to create the same model in another solid modeler. He clicks on the VSM_PARDES icon, (our propreiatery solid modeler) and behold! A Pardes model appears. If another VSM driver is installed he can repeat this simple step and get the same model in a third solid modeler.
Level 5
This is a video describing Solidaire at work

About us

CadCod is the product  of Kalman Hertz’s vision on creating a revolutionary infrastructure for development of applications in the Solid Modeling field.
Mr. Hertz has been operating and pioneering in the Cad/Cam and Solid Modeling field for over 40 years.
His unique Solid Modeler language is now introduced as the revolutionary infrastructure for development of applications in this field. 
CadCod’s flagship technology is the game changing software Solidaire.
Solidaire will create an abstraction of the Solid Modeling process similar to what OpenGL has done in its field; freeing the graphic software programmer from being occupied with the specific hardware attributes that his software operates on, thus allowing programming on an abstract level. Solidaire will produce abstract data that with the use of appropriate Drivers, will automatically fit every type of Solid Modeler.